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Laajasuon liikuntapuisto, Poutunkuja 8, 00320 Helsinki [map]

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Allan B Jose L Petri P Stefan M
Lari B Jani E Niklas V Edgar B
Tommy C Marcel B Denis L Laurent V Abe A Kusai A Zaid A Roland B Mumba C Tadhg C Dean C Koray D Miguel F Can G Matthew H Ammar H Mushu L Juha L Timo M Sash M Chris P Amar P Joel S Emir S Timo M [2] Tuomas J Ate S Akeundo V Rachid D Mark V Sami S Rachid

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Sami and Mark from the Wednesday evening group are coming. Alex is a maybe.


Yes, we were there. And now also on this mailing list, thanks Allan for adding.

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